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My interest and passion for the law began over thirty years ago and I find all aspects of law fascinating when it is being applied correctly.  Basic common sense and adhering to what was first written from the beginning of time seems to be a good touchstone for all aspects of law but the more challenging of cases and findings always fills me with the deepest respect for those who are transmitting the intelligence of the law in all its aspects.


I was originally trained in my legal understanding while working in an American Oil Company in New Zealand in the early seventies.  I then returned to England and, as I was originally from London, I took up a post with the BBC where I was required to type the BBC News as it was transmitted over the telephone which I then typed on to ticker-tape [there were no e-mails in those days] which the Presenter could then read out in the news coverage, so accuracy and a good ear, were essential.  Both of these positions set the foundation of my legal training.

After then working within Local Government for twenty years, I spent two years in private law companies in England and Wales so I could stay up to speed with private law whilst maintaining my knowledge in public law.

My training in Child Care work was given by a Legal Department within Local Government, which was thorough and where accuracy was at the heart of my training.  This led to many happy and successful years in Private Law Child Care work, whilst maintaining and executing ten good years of trading within my Limited Company being Hi-Tech Secretarial Services Limited.


I am the Director of Hi-Tech Secretarial Services Limited which was Incorporated in September 2005.  This Company is the Parent Company of Legal-Secretary and all aspects of Legal-Secretary will be protected by Hi-Tech Secretarial Services Limited and Data Protection Regulations filed with the Commissioner.

Work History

I have spent over forty years in legal and administration offices and within this time I have learnt a great deal and seen many changes.  All references I have for my work over these years are positive, which has given me the confidence to achieve what I have with my directorship and entrepreneurial skills.  I have also been successful in achieving Case Law History in Employment Law.

Charity Law

I have been a trustee for well over a decade to two different Charities.

The first being Celf o Gwmpas, which is a Charity teaching of Art to people with disabilities, learning difficulties, and minor mental health problems.  As their trustee, I have remained extremely committed and within the last two years, I have managed to assist with the legal requirements of taking up a substantial Lease for new premises, which is now giving the Charity the opportunity to go from strength to strength.

My main contribution as a trustee within the second charity was to do with the successful purchase of a property with substantial land in the Golden Valley for Meditation, of which I am still involved.


Linda Rainbird, the Director of Legal-Secretary, was a Trustee with Celf o Gwmpas, a Registered Charity, for over ten years. In this time, but more importantly in the last three years of Linda as a Trustee, she helped us to achieve a very high standard in our understanding of Charity Law, and the need to maintain a healthy and legally sound Constitution, so that our Charity could move forward.  Also, Linda has helped Celf to achieve a considerable, and substantial, Lease of additional premises for our Charity which has helped our Charity go from strength to strength, and to survive.  I therefore highly recommend Linda in all her Company’s endeavours.

Shan Edwards, Director and Chief Executive, Celf o Gwmpas

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