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Legal-Secretary have various avenues of receiving data for transcription but we would be able to facilitate any system, within reason, required to carry out the transcription process.

Types of Transcription include :

  • Intelligent verbatim transcription
  • Verbatim transcription
  • Discourse analysis

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Legal Typing and Documents

Legal typing of documents is undertaken with due care and attention to detail, and any layout can be adjusted to suit our clients’ needs and requirements.  With regards to different aspects of law, correct layout would be clarified with potential clients before the work is undertaken so as to avoid any confusion in the final stages of producing documents.

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We offer virtual secretarial and administrative support, providing ‘long distance’ PA services for clients who work long and irregular hours.  We offer competitive rates and a speedy delivery, together with a high standard of confidential and professional secretarial support.

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Word Processing

Designed to facilitate the rapid and efficient manipulation of text, word processing is the writing, editing and production of documents, letters, reports and books, through the use of a computer program or a complete computer system.

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Preparing Court Bundles

Bundles of documents to present to Court are extremely important and can help to make a case go well, or not so well.  Judges, Magistrates, Tribunal Panels, and Legal Representatives in all capacities, need to find things quickly so that they can get a rapid overview of the contents and are able to refer to its contents easily.

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